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Shae Ford is a USA Today bestselling author from a not-so-small town outside of Ft. Worth, Texas. She comes from a long line of storytellers, and has spent countless hours seated at the kitchen table: listening to the fisherman’s tales, passionate political rants, and sidesplitting antics of her often-mischievous extended family. Her mother, who could always find room in the budget for a new book, has been the unwitting accomplice to several of Shae’s minor classroom crimes — from excessive doodling in the margins, to concealing the latest “Harry Potter” book beneath the pages of her algebra assignment.

She has yet to be charged.

Shae’s debut series, “Fate’s Forsaken,” follows the story of a young man who is gifted with extraordinary powers, but plagued by rotten bad luck. Having the chance to share his many (mis)adventures with readers all over the world has been the opportunity of a lifetime, and a journey she’ll never forget.



  1. Nicola

    Hello Ms Ford, I am writing to let you know that I think your series Fates forsaken is the best series I have ever read/listened to (being an audible member),I never found it slow and I loved getting to know the characters and the humour of personalities. I am hoping that you are working on another series or book so I can be in a happy place again, yes a fairy tale ending is always good when there is so much stress, anger and wars going on in the real world. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to listen to your books.

    1. Shae Ford (Post author)

      Hello, Nicola:

      Thank you for taking the time to write to me– it’s always a pleasure to hear back from my readers! Derek Perkins did an amazing job on the audiobooks, I must say. His voice truly brought the characters to life.

      I’m so happy that you enjoyed the Fate’s Forsaken series. Reading has long been a comfort to me, providing the means to escape reality for a while and journey to someplace better. Writing is the opportunity to create the world you want to live in, to spend each day surrounded by people who reflect the pieces of your soul. So I have to agree with you: there’s enough heartache and brokenness in our lives already. Sometimes, we just need a happy ending. We need to hear that it all worked out.

      Yes, there will be more to read– I promise! This season of my life has been hectic, to say the least. Many changes. Many firsts. But with things finally slowing down, I am looking forward to getting back to something resembling a schedule.

      Thank you again for this note, and for your kind words about the series. The encouragement is much-appreciated. But most of all: thank you for reading, Nicola 🙂

      All the best,


  2. Robert

    Hi Shae,
    So I first found Harbinger when I was in the tail end of eighth grade, and I got to the point where Kael had decided to run and found Kyleigh and I put it down, I didn’t feel engaged. But later in my freshman year I decided to come back to it and I finished the book in a few days. I absolutely loved it! I hated having to wait for the other three but the waiting was worth it, Fate’s Forsaken is hands down the best series of books I’ve ever read and when the prequel came out I sat down and read the entire thing.I am now an aspiring writer and knowing that you’re an Indie author who could make such an amazing series has inspired me.

    1. Shae Ford (Post author)

      Hi, Robert! I apologize for the late reply: you were in my spam folder for some reason 🙁 But I’m so glad that I found you!

      Thank you for sharing your experience with me. Several people have mentioned that the start of Harbinger is slow, and your first read tells me a lot about where people’s patience runs out. Getting off the ground earlier in the book is something that I’ve made a priority with this next story. So now I know that I’ve got about three chapters to get it together 😉

      I am so thrilled to hear that you gave the series a second chance– thank you for that! Yes, it took me a long time to get everything finished. But I truly appreciate all of the patience and encouragement you guys have given me. There’s nothing better than a note from a reader saying that they’ve enjoyed the series. It makes my heart so happy. And speaking of that …

      Go for it! I believe that we all have a story inside of our hearts. And if you are willing to write it down, there’s nothing stopping you from sharing it with the world. Just promise that when you publish your first book, you’ll let me know: I’ll be first in line to buy it 🙂

      Well Robert, I’ve got to get back to it. Thank you again for taking the time to send me a message, and for your kind words about my series. I’m looking forward to sharing many more adventures down the road. Have a wonderful week, and all the very best!

  3. Abigail Fesmire

    Hi Ms. Ford! I am a huge fantasy lover – some of my earliest memories are of my father reading the Hobbit and Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising Series aloud to me. I am also a Christian and as I have gotten older, I have found it difficult to find well-written, clean fantasy. Additionally, I have been trying to write and publish my own novels and, to be honest, have gotten frustrated. This past Christmas, my parents gifted me Harbinger with the promise of, “It’s good! We sort of know the author!” (We go to the same church in Granbury as your aunt). I’ll be honest: I was hesitant as I picked up the book because more often than not, I find poorly-written fantasy in self-published works. However, I was quickly entranced and couldn’t put it down! Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have yet to read the second one but it is sitting on my nightstand and I am hoping to read it within the week. I guess I just wanted to say: thank you! Thank you for writing such an amazing story that is enjoyable! Your characters are so vivid and the plot is so engaging! And thank you for proving to an unknown country girl that publishing is possible! I look forward to seeing what your next book/series is and hope that one day perhaps I might be honored to meet you in person. Keep up the awesome work and never stop writing!

    1. Shae Ford (Post author)

      Hi Abigail! Thank you for taking the time to leave me a post. Well, I have been up near the East Coast since the new year, so it’s really nice to hear from someone back home 🙂 I’m glad that you enjoyed Harbinger— and I hope the rest of the series will be as engaging the first!

      Yes, lot of aspiring authors find the idea of self-publishing to be intimidating, and Indie books often get a bad wrap. Most of the time it’s over things that a good proofer could easily fix, which is frustrating (and rightly so) to the readers who invest their time and money into a book. There are good writers out there, though. And we’re always striving to improve our craft. If you’re interested in publishing your own stories someday, the best advice I can give you is to keep writing. You’ll have some good days and a lot of bad ones (writers are Level 100 procrastinators). The story won’t always flow the way you want it to, but it’s important to try to get something down. I always have to tell myself: “You can’t fix what you haven’t written.”

      Also, it helps if you skip around and write the scenes that you’re excited about first. It makes writing the “getting there” parts so much easier, because you know you’re setting your readers up for something good. I know it’s frustrating. And if you choose to go the self-publishing route, writing will only be about a fourth of everything required to get yourself out there. But it’s worth the work to do something you’re passionate about!

      Haha, I know that aunt! She has been such a wonderful source of encouragement to me, and she never passes up an opportunity to tell someone about my books. Man, I’m really missing the family right now. There’s just no place like Texas 😉

      You’re absolutely right, Abigail: we live in a time where anyone with a story to tell can share it with the world. To be honest, I was born and raised just a few miles east of where you live. I spent most of my childhood playing in barns and blowing up fire ant beds with black cats. I can operate a tractor, and have had poison ivy more times than I’d like to admit. It probably doesn’t get any more country than me. If I can do it, I’d hazard a guess that just about anyone can. So try not to stress about the process– keep on truckin’!

      It was good to hear from you, Abigail. I’d love to hang out with you the next time I’m in Texas, and answer any questions you might have. In the meantime, keep writing 🙂 I hope you will enjoy the rest of the series: it was a pleasure to write, and it’s always so encouraging to hear that the story is being enjoyed. So thank you for reading– and I hope you’ll have a wonderful week!

  4. Jose Morales

    Hi Shae, My husband and I have just finished Book 2 of the Fate’s Forsaken, on Audible.
    We listen to fantasy all the time. I have to say, my husband was quite impressed when I found this series. We have both loved them from beginning to end. That is very unusual. You normally have to read or listen to part of the story before being head over hills in love with it. This series has been interesting from the very beginning and we are hanging on to every word till the end
    I know we have two more books plus the prequel, but we already hate to think the story will end. But still we can’t resist listening to it. The last one we listened to was on my husband’s phone. He actually took it to the bedroom with him because he thought I would listen without him. It is so funny. I wouldn’t do that. Anyway, you really have a way with words. We cannot wait to start book 3. We already have it downloaded. Thank you for sharing your story with us.Please keep us posted on any new projects, its just hard to believe you could out do these.
    That will be a tall order. Thanks again! Ester and Jose writing from Ellerslie, Ga.

    1. Shae Ford (Post author)

      Hello, Ester — thank you for writing to me!

      Your story made me smile. It’s always wonderful to hear that readers have been enjoying the series, and it’s especially wonderful when they have the chance to enjoy it together. I have to admit that audiobooks weren’t even on my radar before Podium contacted me. I didn’t know much about the whole audio medium, and I wasn’t sure how the stories would translate. But Derek Perkins made a believer out of me. And I love the fact that listening to a book gives families the opportunity to spend time together — I commend you for not reading ahead!

      I will certainly keep everyone updated in regards to what’s coming next. And you’re absolutely right: it’s going to be difficult to outdo these stories. The Fate’s Forsaken series was truly a labor of love. These characters and this Kingdom have been such a huge part of me for so many years, and it feels really strange to know that the arc has ended. It’s like living in a room packed with all of your family for most of your life — and then one day you wake up, and everybody’s gone. Fortunately, there seems to be no end to the odd characters bouncing around inside my head. I hope the next adventure will be as endearing as the last.

      Thank you again for writing to me, Ester, and for your kind words about the series. It’s always so nice to get these little notes of encouragement: it really lights a fire under me. I hope you and Jose will enjoy books 3 and 4 (I strongly suspect that you will 🙂 ), and I can’t wait to share what’s next. All the best to you and yours, and have a wonderful week!

  5. Finn

    Hi Shae, starting the series for the 13th time now, I was wandering however, if that you could upload some images of certain things, mainly being the characters, as well as the Eye of the Wright, as I like to call it? Also even though this may be a long time in the future, do you think you might turn your series, starting with Harbinger into a movie, as that would be EPIC!!
    Thanks Shae.

    1. Shae Ford (Post author)

      Hey Finn — it’s good to hear from you!

      First of all: 13th time?! Holy cow! That’s amazing.

      Secondly, I would love to be able to hire an artist to illustrate some of the characters and scenes from the Fate’s Forsaken series. The problem is that custom illustrations (like the new cover art by Miguel Coimbra) are a pretty big investment. Even though I’ve been incredibly fortunate thus far, I’m still an Indie author with a lot of student debt — so I’ve got to be strategic about where I invest. The good news is that I’ve been paying things off in chunks over the years. So here at year four, my budget will finally allow for a bigger marketing push (funny you should mention a movie …). But perhaps I’ll be able to use next year’s marketing fund to give everyone a good look at the Kingdom.

      The Wright’s eye is something I will definitely get done for you. I’ve got a sketch and a how-to chart that I’ll post on the Fate’s Forsaken website. Also, if you look closely at the cover of Daybreak, you can see it’s engraved onto Kael’s shield. Just a cool detail that Miguel threw in there for me 🙂

      Yes, you’re right: a movie (if it ever happens) will be way off into the future. Way, way off. I think my sales would have to be in the millions before someone would see it as a worthy investment — and let me tell you, we’re a heck of a long ways from that! But even though it’s a long shot, I’ve been trying to get the idea into people’s heads. There’s something happening this summer that I’m pretty excited about … and I think y’all will like it, too 😉

      Ultimately, a movie is going to be a group effort. I’ll need a lot of help from my readers to make it a possibility: share the series with your friends, write reviews, leave ratings, and get the word out there. It sounds simple, but good reviews and word-of-mouth are the absolute best advertisements an author can get — and for an Indie, it’s often the only advertisement we get. So don’t underestimate your importance in the process. If a movie happens, it’ll be because y’all voted for it, which I think is pretty darn EPIC! 😀

      It was really good to hear from you, Finn, and I hope I was able to answer all of your questions. Thank you for taking the time to write for me, and for your kind words about my series. I hope the 13th (!) reading will be as good for you as the other 12!

  6. Randi

    I’m in love with your Fates Forsaken series! I read them through out my workday via Audible. Could you possibly tell me when DayBreak will be on Audible? They make my day go by so much faster. I feel like I am being sucked in to the amazing world you have created, I don’t even feel like I’m at work.

    1. Shae Ford (Post author)

      Hey, Randi– thanks for stopping by! I am so happy to hear that you’ve been enjoying the Fate’s Forsaken series on Audible. Derek Perkins does an absolutely fantastic job, and I am very eager to listen to his narration of Daybreak! I did receive some news from Podium last week, and am optimistic that the Daybreak audiobook will be available for pre-order by the end of the month. However, I have been optimistic before. So I’m going to hold off on making an announcement until I get an official release date.

      Believe me: the moment I know for sure, I’m going to send out a newsletter blast. So check your spam folder 😀

      Thank you again for your post, Randi, and for the kind words about my books. Have a wonderful week!

  7. kevin

    I started reading fate’s forsaken September 26th now 4 weeks later I’ve finished reading the whole series, for the second time. Out of the literal 100s of books (seriously own in the neighborhood of 400 fiction books) I’ve read since I figured out books are awesome way back in sixth grade 15 years ago, this by far and wide my favorite. I kid you not I think this is best story ever written. I just have one problem….. are you absolutely sure you not going to write anymore stories about Kael and Kyliegh? Cause as ridiculous as this may sound I’m just not ready for their stories to end.

    1. Shae Ford (Post author)

      Hi, Kevin– thanks for the post! Wow, the whole series twice in four weeks? I’m seriously impressed!

      Yes, books ARE awesome. Pretty sure they’re the closest thing to “magic” that the real world has to offer. I’m honored that the Fate’s Forsaken series is your favorite … though I must admit that all that praise makes it hard to stay humble 😉 But truly, thank you for letting me know. Having the opportunity to share these stories has been the adventure of a lifetime– and to hear that my readers have been enjoying it so much is just the icing on the cake.

      Now to answer your question: Kyleigh and Kael are a tremendous force in the Kingdom. It would be impossible to write anything about the future without including them in it. And, as you know, Kyleigh’s story began long before Kael. So it’s likely that we’ll hear from them again somewhere within those parameters. But for now, they will be relinquishing their roles as “main” characters.

      Again, thank you so much for reading Kevin, and for taking the time to leave me a post. If you have any other questions, you know where to find me! In the meantime, have a wonderful week 🙂

  8. EmTay

    I stumbled across your books via a suggestion from Goodreads and am really enjoying listening to them on Audiobook. Is there a release date for the 4th book Daybreak on Audio?

    1. Shae Ford (Post author)

      Hello, EmTay! I’m glad to hear you’ve been enjoying the Fate’s Forsaken series thus far– and thank you for letting me know how you found it! I was debating about whether or not to run another campaign with Goodreads, so it’s great to know that people are finding me there.

      As for Daybreak‘s audio release: I haven’t heard anything new since I made that post in the announcements during the ebook’s launch. Podium works quickly, so I highly suspect it will be out within another month. As soon as I receive word, I’ll let everybody know through a newsletter and all the various social media outlets.

      Until then, I want to thank you for reading, EmTay– and have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Tauseef

    Hi Shae,

    I have just finished reading Daybreak. What an adventure this complete series was. Totally mesmerising. I’m so glad that the story had a fairy tale ending. I think a lot of people would like to live the life of Kael and Kylieh, and which is why I’m going to miss these characters. Do please keep us updated on your new projects. Would look forward to many more such super stories from you. Thanks.

    1. Shae Ford (Post author)

      Hi Tauseef! I’m very happy to hear that you found Daybreak to be a worthy end to the series. Our characters have had a long, and often difficult journey– their happiness was well-deserved. It would be nice to be able to hop between the pages of a book and experience the worlds our characters live in (I spent much of my childhood waiting for a letter from Hogwarts … am still waiting). But the good news is that because these worlds only exist inside books, they’re never going to change. They won’t crumble, they won’t fade. Whenever you’re ready for an adventure, the Kingdom will be waiting 🙂

      Thank you for your post, Tauseef– and for your kind words about the Fate’s Forsaken series. It’s been an honor to have the opportunity to share these stories! I will certainly keep everyone posted on what I plan to do next. In the meantime, thank you for reading, and have a wonderful week!

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