Fate’s Forsaken

Bow-Breaker. Half-breed. Cursed. Forsaken.

The names are bad enough. But if anyone ever finds out that he’s a whisperer, Kael could be in very serious trouble.

Born into exile and living as the outcast of his tiny mountain village, there’s little chance that his luck will turn. Kael is desperate to keep his strange healing powers a secret, and grows up resigned to the fact that life will never get any better. But when he rescues a wounded girl from the perils of the Unforgivable Mountains, he’s thrust into a quest that will forever change his world.

The journey is long, the battles are fierce — nearly all of his companions are outlaws. And Kael’s rotten bad luck seems to make everything worse. But the war has only just begun: it soon becomes clear that in order to save the Kingdom, he’ll have to defeat Fate, herself.

An adventure wrought with all the magic of epic fantasy, the Fate’s Forsaken series is a story of trial, heartache, and one young hero’s iron will.

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Harbinger (Fate’s Forsaken Book 1)